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Why Santa Barbara Property Management

iStock_000015875408Small copyOther property management companies do not make more than a token effort to maximize your cash flow and minimize your expenses. They may even discount their fees but then cannot afford to spend the time and marketing efforts to maximize your rents and cash flow. We manage your property as one of our own. We are super vigilant in screening your tenants 1st and foremost which equates to tremendous savings in time effort and cost in dealing with less than desirable tenants. More importantly, we make the extra effort other property management companies do not. Santa Barbara Property Managementdoes comprehensive market and neighborhood surveys on a regular basis to make sure you are getting full market value rents for all our managed properties, be they Single Family Homes or apartment units. On average we receive 10% to 20% higher rents for our owners than our competitors. This means that if you opt for a discount PM at 5% as compared to 6.9% for SBPM, you may believe you are saving 1.9% in fees, when in reality you are losing as much as 17% in rental cash flow by having a less vigilant property manager marketing and leasing your investment property. After all, isn’t the goal to maximize your investment with the least hassle? That is why we are, in the final financial analysis, the least cost to you by being the most proactive, proficient and cash flow productive Property Management Company in the business. With superior marketing and screening protocols, we are simply the best at maximizing and protecting your investment.