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Our Mission

Our mission is to make owning property enjoyable, profitable, and simple.

Real Property Management Santa Barbara has the substantial resources of full time legal professionals, seasoned property managers, maintenance and contract build-out specialist, tenant relations, real asset portfolio management experts, staff accountants, and Internet marketing specialists, all at your beck-and-call at no cost to you as a Real Property Management Santa Barbara client. RPM offers Eviction Protection Plans and on time tenant incentives not available through any other property management company. No other brokerage or property management firm can access our resources for such a comprehensive level of service without substantially increasing their fees. Realtors who dabble in property management are not professional property managers and cannot offer our level of service. They will ultimately effect your botttom line. Real Property Management is the only national real estate property management company with over 200 offices and over 20,000 properties under management, yet each local office is focused to provide personal, one on one, professional property management services and a satisfying customer experience, one at a time.